Android Game Of The Week: Darkness Reborn

November 21, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Darkness Reborn is an action/rpg hack and slash title from Gamevil, which takes the adventure, action and multiple character class variety of Dark Avenger and gives it some multiplayer-online capabilities by introducing the option to take on missions with other players in the game. In the world of Darkness Reborn, things are thrust into chaos as the dark knight terrorizes the landscape and brings about great danger. You start out by picking one of two available characters, the Warrior or the Kunoichi(a Ninja), and eventually there will be a third playable class, the Demon Hunter, which will be a ranged archer type who likely wields bows and arrows.

Darkness Reborn offers all the hack and slash fun of a game like Dark Avenger, but is far more polished and adds in more story like elements to keep the players more engaged. As you progress through each stage you’ll level up and have the chance to acquire items and gear,(sweet, sweet lootz)which drop from enemies and the chests that are placed in each level. There are bosses too, which you periodically come across at certain points. The best part is that it has a nifty little tutorial for new players, so should you find yourself in too deep without any knowledge of what to do, the game will walk your through up to  certain early level when you begin playing. Stages can also be repeated at varied difficulties, starting as normal, with hard and expert modes being unlockable at higher levels.

Darkness Reborn includes the usual IAP of course, something you can grow to expect from a free game like this, but for all the pretty visuals and stellar gameplay that’s provided, IAP are a necessary evil and they aren’t too in your face. You can get by just fine without ever touching any IAP’s as well. Darkness Reborn also includes 3v3 combat in PvP battles, where you can go head-to-head against other players. In the PvE type gameplay you can also team up with other players to defeat world bosses, and join another player for slightly more difficult stages that pop up called “rifts” which reward better loot for completing the challenge of harder enemies. If you like hack and slash titles, this is definitely one of the better ones and well worth the time to give it a shot. You can check out Darkness Reborn at the download link in the Play Store.