Amazon Prime Subscribers To Get 4K Content By End of 2014 And For Free

November 12, 2014 - Written By John Anon

Its is normally around January time when we starting hearing about new resolutions. Whether it be weight loss, a change of career or to simply give up smoking, January is when everyone’s resolutions come out. Amazon are no different and last year in January announced their resolution. Although in fairness, the resolution Amazon was speaking of was of a different kind. Yes, back at CES at the start of the year, Amazon announced their intention to bring 4K video streaming to their Prime Instant Video service. As we edge closer to the next January it finally seems Amazon are making good on their resolution by announcing 4K streaming will be available before the end of 2014.

More interestingly though, Amazon have also announced that they won’t be charging for their 4K content. Instead, if you are Prime customer you will receive the service for free lumped in with all the other reasons to join the Prime program. This will be seen as a bit of a kicker towards Netflix who only recently announced they will be charging an extra $4 a month for 4K content. Adding on the already $8 a month Netflix charge for their service, you will then be looking at $12 a month. In contrast the Prime service which only costs $99 a year and includes two day shipping as well as the Prime Instant Video will also include the 4K content. Not bad all-in-all.

Of course, just because the content will become available by the end of the year does not mean the content will be widely varied at first. It’s presumed the initial 4K content will be rather limited at launch. With most likely a number of Amazon’s own stuff like Alpha House, Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle being some of the first to get the 4K treatment. It is also not so clear as to whether this will be available to international customers or simply a US only type deal. Not to mention to take advantage of 4K video you will need a compatible Ultra HD TV Set. So you probably better stick a new 4K compatible TV on your Xmas list this year. Are you looking forward to 4K video? Dont really care? Whichever way you swing, let us know.