Alleged Xiaomi Mi5 Handset Surfaces Sporting Extremely Thin Side Bezels

November 14, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

We just shared some Xiaomi Mi4S / Mi5 rumors with you including a leaked render image of the device itself. According to that rumor and a bunch of earlier reports, Xiaomi will release two new devices by the end of the year and Mi4S / Mi5 might be one of them. Another leak came our way basically immediately after the aforementioned article went live. This time around we get the actual image of the device and it look great in my humble opinion. As you can see in the image above, this handset barely has any bezel on the sides and it looks really good. This report actually refers to the device as the Xiaomi Mi5, so we’ll do the same as well, especially considering this handset really looks completely different than the Mi4.

Previous leak mentioned something about Xiaomi launching two devices by the end of the year and mentioned this handset as being one of those 2 smartphone, but I don’t believe that will happen. Xiaomi Mi4 was launched in July this year, which was 4 months ago I don’t believe Xiaomi will launch company’s new flagship just 5 months after they launched the Mi4, it just doesn’t make any sense. It is quite more probable we’ll see this handset launched in June-July next year and that these are just some early leaks of the device, really early in fact. Of course, there’s always a possibility Xiaomi will decided to unveil this thing earlier than we expect, which wouldn’t surprise me all that much considering how early these leaks started coming in, but I still don’t believe we’ll see it launched before Q2-Q3 2015. What do you think?

Some rumors are going around as far as the specs of this handset are concerned as well. According to those rumors, Xiaomi Mi5 will feature a Quad HD display along with 3GB of RAM. This handset is expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, which you can find in the new Nexus 6 for example, no need to mention this is a really beastly processor. No matter which Xiaomi handset we’re talking about, price is always something we look at. This Chinese manufacturer is well-known for offering extremely affordable and yet extremely well equipped and built handsets, so the Xiaomi Mi5 might end up being something truly special and affordable once it gets released.