Xiaomi Mi4 and Redmi Note Coming to India by End of 2014

October 13, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Xiaomi’s products are super hot right now, and for good reason.  The recently released Mi4 is an excellent phone by any standards, and the Redmi Note is a great phone for buyers on a tighter budget but still wanting something with a large screen.  But there’s a bit of difficulty when trying to purchase the phones outside of Xiaomi’s home country of China.  There are plenty of buyers all over the world clamoring for Xiaomi’s excellent products though, and it’s not just because they are considerably cheaper than the same specced products by companies like HTC or Samsung, but because they are just as good too and offer plenty of unique features.  One country in particular, India, has been the focal point for Xiaomi as of recently, and the launches of the Redmi 1s and Mi3 prove that demand in India is strong for Xiaomi’s devices.

But the phones have pretty much sold out in seconds upon being released to websites in India, causing plenty of people to get annoyed about not being able to purchase the phones when they want to.  Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra has been working hard to get proper inventory allocated for India and supply lines flowing for Xiaomi’s newest phones, the Mi4 and Redmi Note, and plans to have them available within the next two months in the country.  He’s doing this all while guaranteeing that at least 100,000 units will be available when these phones launch in India with the hope that they will sell out in hours rather than seconds.  Barra blames the shortage on supply lines that were not easy to work with and demand that was not properly researched.

As of this time the schedule for the Redmi Note’s release is December, while the Mi4 is supposed to be the same month.  However it’s entirely possible that the Mi4 could get pushed to January depending on supply lines and any problems in manufacturing when considering more than just supplying the phones to China.  Here’s hoping for a smooth launch for our Indian readers in just a few months!