Sprint Offers To Double The Data For Corporate Accounts

October 10, 2014 - Written By Ian Jardine

For U.S. smartphone carriers the competition to attract customers is more fierce than ever. To say that this particular market is saturated would certainly be an understatement. In a bid to achieve more favour amongst U.S. cellular customers the big three carriers, namely AT& T, Verizon, and Sprint have all recently offered similar “Double The Data” promotions in which customers are able to access higher monthly data limits at no extra cost. The highly competitive nature of this business was made clear when Sprint, the third largest of these carriers, went a step further and offered its customers double the data increases that AT&T and Verizon were offering. Today, they announced a similar promotion for their corporate customers.

To access these new data limits, corporate customers must sign up to the plan before the end of October. These corporate accounts would have several options available to them depending on how much data they feel they would need. For unlimited talk and text on up to fifty devices and 240GB of data the cost is $400. For $540 a month these fifty devices can access 320GB of data or 400GB for $675. If corporations require plans that allow even more devices Sprint announced two more options that can be accessed by up to 100 devices. For $1100 per month, these customers have 600GB of data available to them or 800 GB for $1350.

Sprint didn’t limit their newest promotions to corporate customers, however, as they also announced a new incentive that applies to any newly activated account. From now until December 15th, any customer who activates a new phone with Sprint will not have to pay their $15 monthly smartphone access charge.  All of this competition amongst the big cell phone carriers in the U.S. is great news for consumers. After all, it’s not often than a company offers extra services at no cost to the customer. As previously stated, these offers are only valid for a limited time so if they look like a good deal to you and you’re looking for a new carrier or you’re a current Sprint customer looking to upgrade then be sure to give them a call!