Chromecast Adds Backdrop Customization Feature to Choose Chromecast Wallpaper

October 9, 2014 - Written By Ian Jardine

One of the most liked and respected features of Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and tablets is the ability to really customize it and make it your own. Android users are free to alter wallpapers, launchers, widgets, colours and themes in whichever way they choose.  Today, Google announced that they are beginning to bring this level of customization to their Chromecast digital media player. Google has updated their Chromecast App so that it includes something called Backdrop, which would allow users to customize the images that will appear on their TV’s via Chromecast when they aren’t watching a video.

Once a Chromecast user has downloaded the most recent version of the app for Android or iOS, they can swipe left on the home screen and select the “Backdrop” option. From there they have several options in terms of the types of images they would like to see displayed. If they are Google+ users they can select photos from their personal albums or use featured photos from within the Google+ community. They can use satellite imagery from Google Maps or photos of the great artistic masterpieces from all over the world via the Google Cultural Institute. For U.S. based Chromecast users they have the option to choose images from various news sources like The New York Times.

If you’re a Chromecast user and have been eagerly awaiting the ability to bring this level of customization to your Chromecast experience then head on over to Google Play or the App Store and download the update. The Chromecast digital media player was released in 2013 and was intended to provide users with a unique experience for viewing online content on their TV’s. Chromecast was met with a great deal of praise upon its release both for its affordable price tag and ease of use. The Chromecast dongle connects to a TV or monitor via the HDMI port and will stream video via WiFi. If you’re not a Chromecast user and are interested in giving it a try it can be purchased directly from Google at their Play Store or from major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy.