Wallaby Comes to Android Wear

September 4, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Wallaby has just announced their own app for Android Wear, which is launching in the Play Store today. For those that are aware of Wallaby, it’s a credit-card recommendation app that allows users to review their current credit card utilization. And having that info on your smartwatch or your wrist, is even better.

“Wallaby for Android Wear strengthens our stance at the leading edge of wearable technology. The app also extends our ability to provide valuable financial information and services to consumers in the context of their daily lives,” said Matthew Goldman, Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial. “Each successive wearable device launch allows us to further enhance the capabilities we provide instantaneously and conveniently to our customers. The scale and excitement surrounding the launch of Android Wear makes this a particularly exciting landmark for our team.”

The app is free and available in the Play Store now. It is available for all Android Wear smartwatches. This includes the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and the Moto 360. Even though Wallaby’s press release explicitly states the Moto 360 and “LG G”. Users can then launch the app to see which of their credit cards would be best for a specific purchase. The app will recognize your location and will also provide an instantaneous recommendation to help users achieve their financial goals.

It’s a rather interesting use for Android Wear, but still a great app for our smartwatches. It’ll be interesting to see what other kind of financial apps come out in the next few weeks for the Android Wear platform. And with plenty of watches already available and more coming soon, we should see plenty more of apps and games. The app looks great, and even better on the Moto 360, thanks to it’s round display. You can check out the link below for the app in the Play Store. If it’s not there yet, give it a couple of hours as it does take Google a few hours to push a new app to all of it’s servers.