Moto Maker Goes Live in the UK, Yet You Can’t Buy a Moto X (2014) Just Yet

September 17, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Just a couple of days ago, Motorola started selling directly to customers in the UK, which is certainly a new venture for the company and one which Motorola is probably hoping will help them further expand their market share in the UK. Of course, the most exciting thing that Motorola fans in the UK have been looking forward to is the long awaited arrival of Moto Maker. Those in the US have been enjoying Moto Maker ever since the original Moto X launched last year and those across the pond in the UK have been mighty jealous of all those different color choices, color combinations and different materials. Now though, Moto Maker has gone live in the UK, but there’s a catch. Isn’t there always?

While the Moto Maker website is now live in the UK, and you can build a different device and price it up, you can’t actually purchase it just yet. The good news is however, that Motorola will send you an email of your dream phone and you can purchase it when they hit sale. While this doesn’t sound all that fun, it’s not the end of the world, if you have a little time today you can go ahead and create the phone and then simply pay for it a little further down the road. On to the different prices and the Moto X isn’t exactly cheap, but for a powerful device like this it’s far from expensive, especially when you factor in the customization options you’re getting.

There are four Horween leather options which add £20 to the overall cost and the same £20 extra could get you the wooden device of your dreams, instead. If You’d like an extra 16GB of storage, bringing things up to 32GB of storage, then you’ll be asked for another £40, which is a little steep, especially as there’s no microSD card slot here, either. The Moto X is sent from Motorola SIM unlocked, at £419.99 not counting extra storage or extra material options. So while not the cheapest device out there, we found that it was one of the better overall experiences launched this year so far.