Moto G Leaks Out Once Again in Retail Packaging; Confirms 5-inch Display and Snapdragon 400

September 4, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Motorola is holding an event later on today to presumably announce the follow-ups to last year’s Moto G and Moto X. While we’ve already heard quite a bit about the Moto G and Moto X+1, we’re getting what’s probably our best look at the device before the event yet. Coming out of Brazil, an area where the Moto G has proven to be very popular, website TecMundo has managed to get their hands on a Moto G in retail packaging. It’s worth noting that while this does seem pretty much concrete, there’s a chance that this retail packaging isn’t quite 100% final.

The rear of the retail box is pictured as well, and this confirms a couple of key specs of the Moto G that we’ve been hearing about for a while. A 720p 5-inch display is listed on the rear of the box and a Snapdragon 400 is also listed. This is the same processor used as last year’s model, and Motorola have probably continued to use it here in order to keep the overall cost of the device down. There’s stereo front-facing speakers on the front of the device and as we can see in a picture of two backs, one from the original Moto G and one from the second-generation Moto G, the new one is a little taller as a result. Still, it doesn’t seem that much wider and it seems to keep the overall design of the original as well.

This version of the Moto G pictured apparently supports Digital TV and it’s also a Dual SIM model as well. Motorola is hosting an event later today here in the US in their home city of Chicago and for international buyers, there’s an event in India tomorrow. So, it seems like Motorola is to announce a slight refresh of the Moto G with a little bit of the Moto E in there. How much the device costs is something that we’ll just have to wait and see about.