Google Nexus 9: What Processor Will it Have?

September 15, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The Nexus 9, finally Google’s big return to big tablets. Well bigger tablets. The Nexus 9 is supposedly an HTC-made Nexus tablet with a 8.9-inch display. And NVIDIA basically confirmed that it exists and that their processor is inside this one. So we’re looking at the Tegra K1 being inside the Nexus 9. Which is a great thing. Especially if Google is going to promote the Nexus 9 with gaming aspects.

The Tegra K1 processor was announced earlier this year, and is a 64-bit processor. It is also one of the best processors around for gaming, on mobile. As always with NVIDIA’s chipsets, they are a bit on the expensive side. Which is probably why we’ll see the Nexus 9 retail at about $349, instead of the super cheap pricing that the Nexus 7 had. Once more, this is a larger tablet when compared to the Nexus 7, so there’s that. With Android L being a 64-bit OS, it’d be surprising not to see Google showcase their new OS on a Nexus that isn’t 64-bit. Which is why we aren’t surprised to see them going with NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 chipset.

While the Nexus 9 is going to be a somewhat cheap tablet, it’s specs definitely won’t be mid-range. Likely a 2560×1600 resolution display, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage on board as well. The Nexus 9 should be launching next month alongside the Nexus 6/Nexus X and Android L (which we’ve heard might be “Lion” and also be version 5.0, which wouldn’t surprise me given all the changes Google has added in).

So a Tegra K1, what do you guys think? Will we see the Tegra K1, or will it be another processor? Let us know in the comments below.