Amazon Add #AmazonWishCart To Their Twitter Easy-Buy Service

September 24, 2014 - Written By John Anon

One of the benefits (and issues) with the internet is how scarily easy it is to buy things these days. Before, back in the time of physical money, before all the shops shut-down and the machines took over. Buying things required you to leave your house, go to a place, talk to a person and carry home the things you purchased. Not anymore, now you no longer need physical money, you don’t need to go anywhere or talk to anyone, you do not need to be even wearing clothes anymore. You can simply hunch over your computer screen, absorbed in its dim light, click a few buttons and wait for the amazon drones to deliver.

In spite of how easy buying stuff is today it seems companies are still not happy. They seem to be constantly trying to make it even easier and quicker and apparently this ‘need to be easier’, is for the user. Amazon is a prime example of this. A few months back they introduced their new # service. Not heard of it? Well, before if you saw something on twitter that you wanted you had to go through the arduous following steps. Firstly, you had to open another tab, then you had to head over to Amazon. If this was not enough you also had to type in the name of the product, add it to your basket, click ‘checkout’ and finally pay for it. But thankfully those days are over. Now when you are on twitter and see a product mentioned that you want you can simple reply with #AmazonCart and the product will instantly be in your Amazon cart.

To help you even more it seems today Amazon have added a new # command to the list. As well as #AmazonCart if you see a product on twitter you can simply reply with #AmazonWishList and the product will be added to your Amazon Wish List. So now you can add an endless number of products you see on twitter to your Amazon account, ready to be purchased when your stockpile of Bitcoins (or whichever non-physical monies you are using) is enough. If like me, you were tired of the hassle of buying things by actually typing the names of products into amazon then you should give this a try. However, a couple of points to remember. You do need to link your Amazon and Twitter accounts, but more worrying do remember any products you reply to with a #AmazonCart or #AmazonWishList are seen publically. This will appear as a reply, on your timeline and to all who follow you. So save the strange and unsavoury Amazon purchases for the old method…or better still the relic method of visiting a shop. That is if you can still find one.