AH Smartwatch Weeky: Which New Android Wear Watch is For You? The Moto 360, the ZenWatch or…?

September 5, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


In the space of a week or so, the Android Wear landscape is flooded with a whole new range of choices. We knew that the Moto 360 was finally going to become available this Fall, but we didn’t quite know how much choice IFA 2014 would present us with. ASUS, LG and Sony all announced a new Android Wear smartwatch this week and while we already knew about the G Watch R, it was sure nice to see two new companies get into the Android Wear game. With the news winding down a little now that Sony, Samsung, Motorola and a few others have all announced their Fall lineups, we have a chance to figure out just which device it is we’re going to spend our hard-earned cash on.

If you were waiting for there to be more choice available on the Android Wear front, then now is the time. The Moto 360 has finally launched and the G Watch R will be available later this Fall, wrapping up the circular choices. Meanwhile, ASUS has gone all high-end on us with the ZenWatch, a device that dresses up a 1.6-inch square display in a rather fetching case with some nice leather straps of their own. Sony on the other hand, well, it looks like they were going for a more sporty feel with silicon bands that you can swap out with ease. Each of these devices have their pros and cons, and thanks to the fact that they’re all running Android Wear with very little modification, it makes the choice one of hardware alone.

For me, I am more than happy with my G Watch, call me square, but I like the idea of a watch that allows the strap to stand out. The nice (somewhat pricey) leather strap on my G Watch looks good to me and I have always worn more squarish, bulky watches. Still, there’s no denying the ASUS ZenWatch and Moto 360 have me thinking an upgrade is in order. What about you guys though? You can take a look at some of the watches in the gallery below, including a great look at the Moto 360 here. I’ve set up a poll with a handful of options below, so don’t forget to vote and shout out in the comments below!