Sprint Adds Animated Avatars to Visual Voicemail on Select Android Smartphones

August 28, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Sprint is full of change lately, although this one I don’t think many people are going to care about. Today, Sprint announced an update to their Visual Voicemail app. Basically they’ve added animated Avatars to the Visual Voicemail app. It looks unique and different, but not sure many will care, do you care? Here some of the other features Sprint has rolled out in their update.

“Celebrate a Special Occasion: Avatars are lip-synched with the user’s audio message of 20 seconds (standard) or up to two minutes (premium: subscribers to Visual Voicemail to Text service*). Choose from a wide range of backgrounds (for example, Happy Birthday, Love, Thank You, Congratulations, Thinking of You) to convey your mood and sentiment. Get Noticed: Flight delayed? Meet up for Happy Hour? Need to send a reminder? Avatars get attention. Updated Often: Diverse content library offering dozens of characters and backgrounds, with new content added every week. Some are free and others range in price, starting at $0.99. Have Fun with Your Voice: Use your own voice or optional voice effects with variable pitch control. Express Yourself with Scenery: Choose from a wide range of backgrounds (for example, airport, beach, bar or office) to set the stage about where you are (or wish you were!) or choose your own background photos from the phone gallery (premium).
Share with Everyone: Avatar messages can be shared via voicemail, email, SMS, or posted to Facebook. Send messages to any subscriber on any network. The message can be viewed on the Web via any desktop browser, tablet or smartphone. If the receiver is not a Sprint customer or is a Sprint customer without Visual Voicemail (for instance, customers using a non-Android phone), they will receive an SMS message with a link to view the animated message.”

So not sure why Sprint decided to go this route, but it is kind of a nice change from the boring visual voicemail app. But then again, how often do you use that app?