Samsung’s Gear Solo Will Be More Than Just A Smartwatch

August 8, 2014 - Written By Jamil Bryant

This years IFA Trade Show in Berlin will be big. Samsung of course will play a huge role in the excitement that is building up for this event. At Samsung’s unpacked event, along with the unveiling of the Note 4 and their Premium Galaxy handset,  it is expected that Samsung will unveil a new smartwatch. Unlike the current smart watches that are out on the market, Samsung’s Gear Solo will have a huge difference. Instead of having to be tethered to a phone to receive text messages, email, and other notifications, the Gear Solo will be a smart watch with cellular connectivity. Sounds crazy right? Well this isn’t the first time Samsung has tinkered with this idea. A few years back they released the Samsung S9110 but got little attention. Now that we are in the era of wearable device’s, Samsung’s Gear Solo may just have a chance at breathing.

The wearable era isn’t the only reason why Samsung is pushing out the Gear Solo. According to a report on  The Chosun Ilbo, “Samsung hopes the gadget will help it stay ahead of Chinese rivals that are catching up quickly armed with low-priced smartphones. The Gear Solo will have its own phone number and offer all kinds of communication functions.” It seems that Samsung is falling behind due to other companies stealing away users with cheap phones. The idea of releasing a smartwatch with cellular capabilities is great and will win people over but won’t the other companies catch on? Whether they do or not, Samsung has got all the tricks in the world hidden up their sleeves right?

It is still unclear on what the operating system will be for the Gear Solo. Android Wear is out of the question because you have to have a phone for the watch to even operate. If we had to guess, Samsung will use Tizen as the operating system for this up and coming device. Smartphone like functions such as GPS, and apps are questionable for this little device. If the Gear Solo is going to be a stand alone device, it will have to pack a good battery to keep on running. While we impatiently wait for IFA to come around, share your thoughts with us about Samsung’s new smart watch.