Asus To Hold Its Own Press Event At IFA 2014 On September 3rd

August 15, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

This year’s Consumer Electronics Unlimited (IFA) in Berlin is sure going to be interesting, the show is going to be full of all sorts of announcements. Events like this are always filled with all sorts of technology though and extremely busy for (mobile) tech journalists. Samsung has already scheduled its “Unpacked” event for September 3rd where they will announce their long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet which has been leaking somewhat more intensively lately. Everything points to that launch, Samsung’s very own “note the day” tease from the event’s announcement to the ads which already showed up in Korea openly saying the device is on the way. Motorola has scheduled their event for September 4th teasing Moto X, Moto G, Moto 360 (which is pretty obvious if you look at the image they posted) and what looks like a bluetooth headset on the image. Asus went official as well and announced its press event for September 3rd as well, the same day Samsung will unveil its new phablet and perhaps some other device, Gear Solo perhaps.

Unfortunately, Asus didn’t hint what will they announce at IFA though. Asus released almost a dozen smartphones this year and 7 tablets in just the last couple of month. So, we’re going to guess what this announcement will be all about, at least to some extent. We’ve seen rumors that Asus will launch its smartwatch at IFA, so what’s one thing we might see there. Prior to those rumors Asus chairman did say they will release an Android Wear smartwatch and that it will be a “Hero” product though he didn’t hint when that might happen, IFA would definitely be an ideal time to do that I guess. Rumors have been going around when it comes to yet another Asus’ product, a next iteration of the Zenfone. Last smartphone branded “Zenfone” was announced back in January and released just recently, in May. If the rumors are true, this would be the 7th iteration of the said phone.

We’re really just guessing what Asus might announce, who knows, maybe they’re preparing a ton of devices to show. If that is true though, kudos to them for keeping them under wraps all this time, it’s kind of hard to avoid leaks nowadays.