Android Game Of The Week: Iron Knights

August 1, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you like your action type hack n slash games, then you should definitely check out Iron Knights. It’s a dungeon crawler style game with plenty of action and lots and lots of loot. You know the type, there have been many. For a mobile game though this is probably the most stunning and beautiful of any game in this genre. The graphics are extremely high resolution which definitely can make the game lag a little bit if you don’t have a higher end device, but if you have a phone that can support it well enough the gameplay and movements will be fluid and smooth and look amazing while doing it.

The difference between Iron Knights and other games like it though, is that you only have one hero class type to control and play, but there are other types of heroes that can be added to the party as units that assist you in battle, and you can add up to four units total of over 200 different fellows. If you’re finding things to be a little too tough for your liking, simply equip an available unit to your party and they’ll help you lay waste. The game boasts a decent tutorial for gamers to get used to the controls and the features within as well, which definitely makes things easy to get acquainted with. Gamers should enjoy the story that goes along with the game which actually seems to be pretty in depth, which is rare for this type of game on mobile devices.

You’ll find that even the regular attacks look stylish, and they put out some crazy damage at higher levels. You can also chain attacks together for combos that would make any enemy weep for mercy. The real beautiful detail is in the special attacks though. After having used these my first time I was blown away at how smooth they looked.(In the beginning of the game they start you out with a level 99 character to get the hang of things, and this is where I was able to see how awesome the specials were)There are also multiple modes to enjoy and play, like multiplayer PvP battles or simply the campaign. There is also a boss battle mode which you can play by yourself, or join with friends to hunt down bosses and slay them! I mentioned there was tons of loot right? There is over 1,000 items to loot off your fallen foes, and all your items, weapons, and armor can be upgraded. Check out the screens and watch the video, then grab this game if it seems like it’s your style.