Whistle Phone Finder Is A New App to Help You Find Your Phone

July 30, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

There are Apps for just about every purpose – from games to productivity to educational…and then some are just plain simple and helpful.  Take that flashlight app that turns your smartphone’s LED flash into a flashlight to guide your way in the dark – such a simple idea, yet it is so practical.  A new app was released this month that has that same practicality – Whistle Phone Finder.  Just like the name suggests, all you have to do is literally ‘whistle’ to locate your smartphone and an alarm will go off on your phone allowing you to track it down…and just to add a bonus, they have included a button to ‘Enable Flashlight.’

It is not a bad little App – setup was quick and easy and I like being able to add a song from my playlists – and it will play the entire song and then stop.  This does give you longer time to locate your phone, as the the sounds in the App only run for about 30 seconds. I have tested it all day and so far, it has been working fine on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  In fact, I must warn you that if you have any notifications set up on your device that sound like a whistle, the App will go off!  One nice thing about the App, it does appear to be very sensitive – I am a lousy whistler, but it can pick up my whistle with no problem.  I also tried some different sounds close to a whistle and it would not bite.  I took it out on the deck and there are some bird ‘songs’ that might set off your alarm.

The App is free and has an advertising banner on the top and bottom of the screen, but really not intrusive.  It does appear that the developer has already done two or three updates to the App…my main concern is that by ‘running in the background,’ how much will it affect battery life.  Just a note – even if you have the App turned on, if the screen is ‘awake’ or in use, the App is smart enough to know this and will not go off…only if the screen has turned off will the App help you find your phone with the notification that you have selected as well as a little vibration at the beginning.

The Whistle Phone Finder has the following features (as found in the Play Store): All New Eye catching Graphic User Interface – Additional flash light feature with new update – Hide notification from notification bar – Move your app from phone to SD card – 10 different sounds to select – Runs in background and utilizes less power – Once activated then no need to check again – Customize your tone from media playlist – Turn off sound notification by unlocking the screen. Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if you have tried the Whistle Phone Finder and how it worked for you…as always, we would love to hear from you.  Click on the Source at the bottom to go to the Play Store to download the App.