OnePlus Isn’t working on Lettuce Just Yet

July 11, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham


Yesterday, Evleaks leaked out that the codename for the second OnePlus smartphone – the OnePlus Two – would be Lettuce. Now the OnePlus One is named Bacon, so it looks like the guys at OnePlus are kind of hungry these days. With the OnePlus One being so difficult to get a hold of, this news of the OnePlus Two made quite a bit of people upset, and saying that they should be working on getting the OnePlus One out there first. Well that’s not how this stuff works. It takes about 12-18 months for a phone to be made from scratch to launch date. Now the OnePlus One was much quicker than that, and it obviously shows, but in general that’s how long it takes. In fact, OEMs are working on their fall 2015 smartphones and tablets right now. So OnePlus isn’t alone here.

OnePlus came out yesterday, though, to say that they are not working on a OnePlus Two just yet.

We’re just working on the OnePlus One for 2014. Thanks!”

I’m not so sure I believe them. I’m pretty sure they are working on something behind the scenes they just aren’t ready for the whole world to know that they are. As I said above, these things take time. Hopefully OnePlus has learned from their mistakes in launching the One, and will apply that to launching the OnePlus Two next year. As the OnePlus One is a pretty good phone, in fact I love the thing, but the fact that it’s almost impossible to get doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, unfortunately.

How many of you are still waiting to get a OnePlus One invite? Well check out our giveaway, as we have a few to give out. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the OnePlus Two.