Cyber Dust Lets You Send Encrypted Messages That Delete Seconds Later

July 24, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Cyber privacy is no small matter these days, and whether you’re someone that has a need to shield yourself from any unnecessary prying into your personal life or someone that just wants to make sure no one reads your messages, we can all understand the appeal behind a little bit of privacy. A new app from well known billionaire businessman and investor Mark Cuban, also recognizable from his role as a “shark” investor on the show Shark Tank, aims to bring a little bit more privacy to your messaging inbox. It’s called Cyber Dust.

The basic idea is that sending messages with Cyber Dust ensures that your messages stay secure because they disappear after a 30 second period of time. It’s much more than that when you get into the details, but for those wondering about the short version there it is. Cyber Dust lets users send fully encrypted messages so users can “take back control” of their messaging and not have to worry about what was said as anyone outside the party conversation will have no way to view any of the message logs. Messages are never saved to the hard drive in your phone and anything you send is totally untraceable. The messages are also never stored on any servers, so once they vanish, they literally vanish like they were never sent. However it seems the app does give a little power to the user over stuff they personally send, letting users PIN their own sent messages so they can save them for later for any reason.

The idea is similar to that of the way Snapchat handles their photo sharing with friends and followers, although unlike Snapchat, Cyber Dust disables the capability to take screenshots within the app so other users can’t use the screenshot as a work around to the messages vanishing seconds after they were sent. The app may be centered around giving users a secure and private way to send stuff without worry, but there are fun things you can do within Cyber Dust as well, like add cool fonts, share stickers and emojis, and even draw on top of pictures that users send within the app as well. Cyber Dust is free and if you like the idea of a fully encrypted messaging app that deletes messages mere seconds later, give it a try.