Cricket Wireless Back-to-School Deals Include Select ZTE, Samsung and Motorola Phones

July 10, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

If you’re looking to jump into Prepaid, Cricket Wireless has some pretty good plans and phones. Recently, AT&T bought Cricket Wireless and decided to roll it into their Aio company, which was their prepaid MVNO before hand. So now Cricket Wireless runs on AT&T’s network and offers decent plans and some decent smartphones as well. As part of their Back-To-School promotion, they are putting a few phones on sale. These include the Moto G for $49.99, ZTE Prelude for $29.99, ZTE Sonata 4G for $59.99, ZTE Overture 4G LTE for $79.99, Samsung Galaxy Express 4G LTE for $149. They also have a few Nokia Lumia’s like the 630, 520, and 1320 for free, $49.99, and $179.99 respectively.

As far as their plans go, for smartphones they range from $40-60 per month. All three feature unlimited talk and text, but the $40 plan has 500MB of high-speed data, $50 features 2.5GB of high-speed data and the $60 brings you $5GB of high-speed data. If you choose auto-pay, then it’s $5 cheaper per month, bringing it to $35, $45, and $55, respectively. Their $50 and $60 plans also feature international SMS, so you can text your friends in other countries at no extra charge. Definitely a nice perk for Cricket.

So Cricket has some decently priced handsets as well as plans. And they are also running on AT&T’s network, so you don’t really need to worry about the coverage, since AT&T’s network is one of the best right now. Although, isn’t it a bit early for “Back-To-School” promotions? Well I guess it’s never too early, now is it? If you’re looking to pick up a Nexus in the fall, then you may want to check out Cricket as well since they will work with the Nexus 6, and are pretty decently priced as well. And would be a great pair for the Nexus 6 come fall. How many of you are already on Cricket Wireless? Let us know in the comments below.