Cadillac and Powermat Team up for Wireless Charger in 2015 ATS – But Can You Use it?

July 28, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

Wireless charging is a great convenience, and hopefully more devices will come with the technology right out of the box in the near future.  However, nothing is ever as easy as it seems and wireless charging is no exception, and its problems can be summed up in one word – standardization – the many companies involved need to settle on one type of wireless charging so that everybody can use it no matter where they go.  Right now, the one format that is supported by more companies is called the Qi charging standard, so it is strange that Cadillac decided to go with the less popular, Powermat in its 2014 Escalade and 2015 ATS. Equally strange is that even Starbucks and Delta Sky Clubs decided to go with the Powermat – did Powermat give them a deal that they couldn’t pass up? What is also interesting is the way that Cadillac worded their announcement: “Compatible with Powermat and other in-phone wireless charging technologies, the feature eliminates the need for cords on board.” They never went on to explain what they meant by “other in-phone wireless charging technologies?”

Ryan Sanderson, associate director, Power Supply & Storage Components at IHS Technology says:

“A recent survey from IHS revealed that 70 percent of consumers charge their mobile phone at least once per day, with 30 percent charging more than once.  This is driving demand for charging access in multiple locations throughout the day, something wireless charging can address in a more convenient way than the consumer having to carry one or more wired chargers around with them on a daily basis.”

Cadillac’s ATS Global Production Manager, Ken Kornas claims that Cadillac is seeking to satisfy their customer’s needs by supplying them with the convenience of wireless charging – adding to Cadillac’s 4G LTE capabilities.  Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine further explained:

“Our lifestyles have evolved in a more mobile way than ever before and with that comes an even greater need for access to power in those places where we spend the majority of our time.  Our integration into the Cadillac ATS is only the first step in the evolution of portable power in places that include your car, your coffee house and even your favorite sporting arena.”

The wireless charging area is located within the storage bin (see video below) behind a fully motorized door – push a button and the door lifts up, slide your smartphone onto the charging mat, and the door closes, hiding the phone from sight, yet you can still use the Bluetooth capabilities even if the phone is in the charging cradle.  A very slick idea, if your smartphone will take advantage of the Powermat’s format.  Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you think wireless charging is a great idea…as always we would love to hear from you.