Android How To: Root the T-Mobile LG G3 (D851 Model Only)

July 19, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

While we’ve had root on the LG G3 for quite a while – even before the device was out. There was a new OTA that blocked that exploit for root. But don’t worry there’s another one. Right now it’s only available for the T-Mobile version, but according to Justin Case’s Twitter, it sounds like we’ll have one for all LG G3 models as well as the LG G Flex. Which is amazing as well. Today we’ll be showing you how to root your device with PurpleDrake. Yep that’s the name of this root. Currently they only support Linux and OS X for rooting though, but that will probably change pretty soon. Of course, you can get all this information from the source link below.

How to Root the T-Mobile LG G3 on Linux:

  1. Extract the file you downloaded – tar xvf ~/Downloads/PurpleDrake-Lite_VERSION.tar.gz
  2. Mark the application as executable, and run it! – cd PurpleDrake-Lite. chmod +x ./

How to Root the T-Mobile LG G3 on OS X

  1. Extract the file you downloaded
  2. Double-click on “purpledrake_osx”

That’s just how simple it is to root your LG G3 on T-Mobile. Now remember that this is for the T-Mobile variant. That’s the D851 model. As soon as we see root exploits available for the others, we’ll be sure to write how to’s on those as well. As always, if you are having issues, just hit the source link below to jump into the XDA thread and get some help.