Unboxing the OnePlus One

June 27, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

While in most cases the box of a product might not prove to be the most exciting thing in the world, things can change when a manufacturer of said product puts a lot of effort into the packaging and makes it really special just to see the product for the first time.  First impressions are everything after all, right?  Of course they are, and when you’re buying a premium top-of-the-line product the last thing you want to see is for it to come in some shabby brown box with no fanfare at all to speak of.  This is unfortunately what most phones come in though; a rectangular box barely big enough to fit the phone, with a top lid that slides up to reveal the phone sitting inside by its lonesome with all accessories bundled out of sight behind it.

Not so with the OnePlus One, which not only comes in a different size and shape box, but the experience of unboxing the phone itself gives you that feeling of tailored quality, one that almost makes the device feel like it was made specifically for you.  I was impressed not only with the way the box is made, which isn’t something I had really thought about until I received the OnePlus One, and how it’s all put together.  You can see in the pictures exactly what the contents look like and how OnePlus has put it all together to make the phone feel much higher quality than the competition, despite the fact that it’s half the price of most flagship phones out there.  The odd thing here is that the wall charger itself is shipped in a separate box, which is something I’d never seen before.  Think the box is something special, or just really don’t care how your phone comes, so long as it gets there?  Let us know what you think of the packaging and if such a thing really matters when getting a product!