Samsung Galaxy F Tipped to Replace Galaxy S Later This Year

June 2, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Here’s a rumor that’s pretty out there. According to a tip that Evleaks received, the Galaxy F – picture below – has a QHD display, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor inside. Now that’s the not the crazy part about this rumor. The crazy part is that it’s replacing the Galaxy S line later this year at “Unpacked Ep. 2”. Now the name of the event isn’t a surprise, since they called the Galaxy Note event that last year. But the fact that there will be no Galaxy S6 is the surprise. Now it’s important to note here that this is completely unverified and could not be true. As this is a tip that was sent to Evleaks and not something he found out on his own. So take this with a huge grain of salt right now.

Now the Samsung Galaxy F does look a lot like the Galaxy S and every other Samsung smartphone out there. So the real question here is why the name change, if this is indeed true. Since Samsung has spent so much money marketing the Galaxy S line to everyone all over the world. You’d think they’d want to keep it around a bit more. This is a pretty interesting rumor to say the least. And one that will probably stir up all kinds of speculation.

Perhaps this is the “premium” device we’ve all been waiting on from Samsung? Who knows. But it sure is interesting. It’s become apparent that Samsung’s new baby is the Galaxy Note line as those devices do sell really well, and sometimes better than the Galaxy S line of devices. So it could be a reboot to their smartphone line, which is needed. As not everyone wants a near 6-inch device, these days.

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