Android Wear Boot Animation Leaks via LG G Watch System Dump

June 3, 2014 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

More Android Wear leaks are popping up ahead of Google I/O at the end of the month. This time we’ve got a supposed system dump from the G Watch, LG’s upcoming smartwatch that’s going to be running Android Wear. The leak comes from @upleaks via Twitter. We’ll jump into the system dump to see what we can find, but in the meantime the boot animation has made its way to YouTube for our enjoyment. The boot animation is different than any others that we’ve seen from Google, and it features redesigned Android logo with a new typeface. The boot animation has the familiar yellow, blue, red and green spinning colors that we’ve seen in previous Nexus boot animations. This looks like the real deal.

Android Wear is Google’s version of Android built specifically for wearables and smartwatches. It was announced back on March 18th. Google made a developer preview available after announcing Android Wear, but this is the first look that we may have at the software that will be running on an actual device. The LG G Watch is one of several upcoming Android Wear smartwatches. HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and ASUS have also signed on to be part of Wear and make devices that will run it.

Last year it was rumored that Google was working on their own smartwatch hardware, but we now know that they have a broader vision for their wearables. Rather than making one device, they created Android Wear. Just like the Android OS itself, Android Wear is designed to be used by anyone who wants to take advantage of it. OEMs can take the code and tweak it if they like. Then they can release devices under their own brand with Google’s code, and presumably Google services, running on them.

The LG G Watch has leaked in several photos and videos. We even saw a hands-on walk thru of what looked like finalized hardware a few weeks ago. It may be the first Android Wear smartwatch to make it to market, but the Moto 360 and others should also be arriving this summer. Check out the video and let us know what you think.