Popcorn Time Gets An Unofficial Android App, Stream Torrents On Your Device

May 8, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

There are a number of ways to get your movies online but one of the more recent popular streaming options was through a website called Popcorn Time. It was basically like Netflix but with torrents instead of, well… legitimately acquired content. While the site wasn’t up for more than a week before its creators were thrust into the midst of debates and battles about privacy and copyright laws, they did happen to unload their code onto the web and make it an open source project, which led to recently released desktop based programs and such. Today a new app that is based off of Popcorn Time source code has found its way to Android, also called Popcorn Time and coming from a team of developers(or one developer?)called Tim4popcorn.

It should be noted that in the original source post for this discovered app, many comments talk about Time4Popcorn stealing code that is under GPL3 licenses, and that people should take care when installing it as it could become a potential malicious threat sometime down the line.(if you care to know more on that particular point, follow and read this thread here at reddit) Past that, let’s get into a little bit of what the app provides and whether or not it’s worth your time. As stated above the app is basically built off of the open sourced code from the original Popcorn Time site, but not from the same people of course as the code was unloaded for the community to use and it has taken off from there.

What the app gives you is the ability to stream HD quality movies(so the developers say, but I haven’t used it so I can’t comment on that) to your Android device, many of the movies which are either recently released to dvd or are still in theaters. Seems like a pretty cool application at face value, as people were raving about the original Popcorn Time website before it was taken down by the original devs themselves. As for whether or not you should use this application, if you choose to do so you do it at your own risk. It should be noted that at the current time there was nothing in the source code to suggest malicious intent, but that could change. Once again refer to the reddit thread link above for the finer points and details on that matter. An alternative to the Popcorn Time app if you really want this feature on your Android device is an app called Flixtor, which seems to have a fairly decent amount of positive reviews so far and might be a better and safer option. Presumably the app works just the same or really close, but if you were a fan of Popcorn Time during its brief lifespan, feel free to check out either of those two apps in the Play Store. Popcorn Time is free, while Flixtor offers a free and a paid version of their app. I will provide the link for Flixtor here, while the Popcorn Time app link is below.