Paranoid Android Build 4.3 Beta 6 Brings Lots of Improvements to the Table

May 22, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Among the thousands of custom ROM experiences out there, Paranoid Android continues to stand out as an incredibly unique version of Android, offering many features that you just can’t get outside of running Paranoid Android on your phone.  Recently the team has rolled out a huge number of unique features, building upon their already pretty hefty store of them, and now the latest build from the team brings significant improvement to all the major new features too.  While the Paranoid Android teams numbering convention is getting a little confusing given its close affiliated with versions of Android itself, the builds are no less spectacular because of it.  In this update the team has brought logic improvements to the Peek and Hover features, as well as adding a new blacklist feature to Peek so you can disallow apps from presenting themselves on the lockscreen like you see above.

If you haven’t tried Peek out or even seen it before for that matter, know that you can get it working on a couple of other devices and ROMs out there, but your mileage may vary unless you’re running Paranoid Android on your phone of course.  As far as other features and improvements go, Hover got the largest slice of changes, fixing things like odd issues with the notification clicker on some notifications, in call improvements, giving pop-up dialer the priority over other Hover apps, and the ability to hide on dismissal instead of closing the window.  There’s also a new blacklist feature for Hover as well as Peek, allowing you to choose apps that you’d rather not have pop-up in your face and instead act like normal and go full screen.  There are a few smaller things here and there, so head on over to the Google+ post from the Paranoid Android team and get those ROMs updated.  If you haven’t jumped ship and joined the PA bandwagon yet, check out their downloads page for all the goods, and of course head on over to your favorite custom ROM discussion board like XDA Developers for support.