Latest Leak of LG’s G3 Shows Off Brushed Metal Back Plate

May 11, 2014 - Written By Ray Greer

LG is expected to give official word in regards to their newest flagship device-the LG G3- very soon. In the weeks leading up to the launch, leaks are popping up everywhere. We have seen cases for the device, displays, and even images of the back plate of the device. The newest leak is also in regards to the back plate, and shows off a brushed aluminum look to the device that is strikingly similar from another device.

In this new image we see two back plates-one grey and one silver. These back plates look very similar in color to the options of the HTC One M8-especially the brushed grey option. One of the more interesting things about these back plates is they may be made of plastic. While they were originally thought to be aluminum, they could be just polycarbonate plastic made to look like aluminum. Making them this way could be a better way to control the price, though some users may wish they had a premium feeling metal device. Still, the LG G3 looks like a contender against the likes of other flagship devices introduced into the market this year. Especially if the rumored specs are correct.

The G3 is expected to launch with a Snapdragon 805 processor a 13MP camera that has OIS+, and 3GB of Ram. These specs match up with Samsung’s 2014 flagship the Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC’s flagship the HTC One M8. Though the LG G3 has a feature that the other flagships don’t, the buttons on the back.

Looking at the images, you can easily notice the cutouts with an odd layout. The layout is a “T” of sorts, and incorporates the camera, flash, sensors and the familiar back button from the LG G2. The original buttons consist of volume up and down, power, and the camera. This time around, LG has added what could be an IR blaster, or fingerprint scanner. To find out what that sensor is on the left of the back plate, we will just have to wait until it is officially announced. In the meantime we have leaked images and specs to keep us wanting more.

The image that was sent to PhoneArena has not been a confirmed image-though it lines up with what we know so far. A silver and a gold version have already been leaked, and now the grey version. Also the back buttons line up with the cases we have seen so far, so all in all this could very well be it. LG is expected to launch the device on May 27th, so we will have more official information then. However in the days leading up to the launch, we will surely have more leaks and when we do, we will share them with you.