Kamioke Allows You To Sing Along To Songs via Google Glass

May 29, 2014 - Written By Joshua Koh

If you are a fan of singing along to your favorite songs, Kamioke might just be the app you are looking for. Developed by Glass Explorers, Sharon Bacani and Mohammad Adib, this turns the Google Glass into a karaoke machine.

As of now, Kamioke is limited to 10 songs and installation is done via sideloading through the Kamioke website which instructs you on the necessary steps. The idea is fairly interesting seeing that if it does take off, it would be possible to conduct a karaoke session whenever and wherever for free. Other potential uses could be ‘multiplayer’ karaoke sessions to pit you against your friends be it remotely or while hanging out. This also hints at the possibility of using Glass for more musical related tasks such as enabling musicians to practice and perform by displaying musical scores or carrying out a full scale performance by a band/orchestra if necessary. This would mean that the Glass doubles up as an in ‘eye’ monitor. Moving back to Kamioke, the only downside lies in the small selection of songs and its capacity to function well in a noisy environment.

Kamioke might just be a sign of things to come from the integration of wearable tech to our daily lives. It could very well be that these wearables would one day be essential to us similar to how smartphones are. For the singers out there, rejoice!  For the rest, you probably want to either keep this app away from tone deaf friends and family members to retain your sanity (I can imagine a scenario where these individuals abuse Kamioke to sing around the clock). Alternatively, a good set of muffs/headphones should help immensely in tuning them out. Fortunately, Google Glass’ high price tag of $1,500 should help keeping Kamioke out of reach for the above mentioned individuals. Assuming they do not have a bucketful of money to throw around.