The Google Now Weather Card Has Begun Receiving Updates

May 27, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz


We all love us some Google Now and with good reason. It gives us some of the most handy information in a flash just by navigating to it from where ever you personally access it. The Google Now cards allow for a customized compilation of useful data to the user ranging from weather to sports scores, news articles, package tracking information, airline times, reservations, car rental reservations and more. Google has baked so much into Google Now’s capability that it almost feels like it wouldn’t be right to have an Android phone without it at this point.

Weather is arguably one of the more useful functions that Google Now can give us, but it can still be better. Google has reportedly updated the “Weather” specific Google Now card so that it displays information differently than before, which certainly seems like a space saver with the way that it looks now but we’re not sure that it’s necessarily better. Anywho, those are solely opinions based on the fact that the daily forecast seems to have disappeared for those who have gotten the update to the weather card. The Google Now weather card now displays the weather for your location as well as neighboring or nearby areas in a stacked list all in one card, as opposed to having cards that represent each location, although multiple cards for each specific location didn’t always pop up. Most of the time it was just the weather card for the location nearest to you.

The Weather card does seem to be rolling out to individuals as of now but not everyone has it yet. Doing a quick Google Now refresh could spur the weather card to have its update, rebooting your device could potentially do the same. In any case the update has begun and you all users have to do to get the use out of it is just wait for the update to hit their particular devices, which we would expect would take no more than a few days before it rolls out to the majority of users. Were you a fan of the old weather card or do you like the new changes that have been made to it more?