ATT Announces That They’ll Be Adding The LG G3 To Their Smartphone Lineup

May 27, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

AT&T announces that they will intend to carry the LG G3, LG’s latest flagship device that was just announced this morning. That means that subscribers of AT&T will have the opportunity to pick up the device with the world’s current highest screen ratio of 76%, and a quad HD display with 538 ppi and 2K resolution, all on a 5.5-inch size display. News of the device joining the AT&T lineup of smartphones comes from AT&T Senior Vice-President of Devices Jeff Bradley right in the middle of the LG announcement that took place in London.

AT&T wasted no time in telling the nation that they’ll be picking up the device, which at the time of reporting this made them the first officially announce they will carry it upon launch. The LG G3 brings in plenty of nice new features but as LG puts it, they’re “not trying to reinvent the wheel.” Other motto’s like “simple is the new smart” does a great job at displaying where they put their focus in designing and developing this device, which is also evoked by their short and sweet video ad spots they have been showing throughout the announcement this morning. Some of the key features besides the screen of course, are the laser auto camera focus, and the return of the back volume rocker keys. Right now there isn’t a release date that’s known for the device from LG so naturally AT&T had no mention of when they’ll be offering the phone on their network. There has also been no mention of the pricing just yet either, which will likely come out for AT&T once they give a launch date.

Hopefully they release this phone quicker than the ASUS Padfone X, which they have been teasing for months since its announcement at CES which they have yet to launch as well. With the announcement just being a few days shy before June, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this phone launch just before Google I/O where the LG G watch is rumored to make an appearance, and is also thought to be the launch date of LG’s wearable smartwatch. It would make sense for LG to release it before the smartwatch so consumers could take advantage of the pairing of the two devices together for a great user experience. If you’re an AT&T customer will you be upgrading to the LG G3?