Supposed HTC One (M8) “Ace” Appears in Red Blurry Image

April 8, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


When writing about technology as we do here at Android Headlines, it’s of no surprise to us that more and more leaks are happening. After all, technology is now more mainstream than it ever has been and smartphones are used by everyone these days. We saw the HTC One (M8) leak out a number of times before it actually launched and by the time it was officially announced, one of the bigger surprises was the bizarre naming convention HTC had decided to go with. While most of the leaks running up to the M8’s launch were pretty straightforward and on the money, this latest leak from @evleaks is well, blurry.

With a short and simple statement to go along with the blurry image you see above, @evleaks is pegging this as the “HTC M8 ACE”, which really doesn’t help us here at all. Now, @evleaks has already mentioned the Ace codename before, and said that a mini version of the new HTC One was heading to market as was this “Ace” device. Other than that though, we have very little information to go on.

Despite the different grill design on the BoomSound speakers, this looks a lot like the HTC One (M8) that a lot of you out there are already using. The front-facing camera and HTC logos are placed much the same, which means this could be one of a few things. It’s either a “Max” version of this year’s M8 or perhaps a more mid-range version of the popular device, but then again that’s what the Mini is for. We come across a lot of leaks writing about Android smartphones, but this one has us stumped and until we can get a better look at things or get fed some more info, we’re just going to have to wait and see to find out just exactly what this guy is.