Leaked Pictures of Oppo’s Detachable Lenses Show NFC, 10x Optical Zoom

April 25, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


When Sony released the QX10 and QX100 lens cameras, we all thought Sony had gone a little crazy. However, Sony’s lenses did make a lot of sense for a lot of users. After all, more and more of us are leaving our cameras at home, but the results from smartphones just aren’t there yet, so Sony’s lenses offer the best of both worlds without requiring users to carry around all the extra bulk. The choice of whether or not to use the extra lens is up to you, allowing users to change to the much better lens camera when they want to get that shot. It seems that Oppo is going to get in on this game as well.

We’ve been hearing about Oppo and detachable lenses for quite some time and now, leaked images have hit Sina Weibo showing off the device in the flesh. As you can see, Oppo’s lens camera looks awfully similar to Sony’s offerings (but then again there’s only so many ways to design a lens) and attaches to the phone with a built-in clip. The images tell us that the device will feature NFC, WiFI and a 10x optical zoom, with no word on what the sensor’s resolution is, but considering the Find 7 can take 50-megapixel images, we’d think something like 20-megapixels or more.

In the leaked images, the lens camera is pictured attached to an Oppo Find 7, but we have to assume that the device will work with pretty much anything, after all Oppo themselves have a number of different models on sale as it is. Limiting just Oppo devices to such an accessory would slim down the already niche target market even further. As with Sony’s offerings, it’s hard to expect that these will be all that successful, but right now these are just leaked devices and Oppo has yet to make them official. Would you use something like this? Let us know in the comments below!