Google Glass Updated With Smarter Phone Call Functions And Backup Over Cell Network

April 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz


Google Glass is always an exciting thing for those that have been interested in the wearable tech device from Google. That’s why we always love hearing about the latest and greatest when it comes to new updates to the Glass software that sometimes bring in new features. This latest update that was just announced by Google for current Glass owners adds in some useful stuff like smarter phone call features. Along with it though they have made some enhancements to the Video and Photo backup process, and users will now also be able to wipe out media from their devices.

The smarter phone call system is what really caught our attention, which is really more focused on smarter answering of phone calls instead of the phone call function in general. Making calls from Glass has never really been a difficult task, but now users will be able to answer phone calls and place phone calls from either their phone, or Glass, and have the audio activated on whichever device they initiate on. Glass can now also make sure not to take over the phone call audio you’re not wearing it and if it’s in an inactive state. This ensures that you can always take the phone call in the right place, and minimize the chances that you might miss a call since the audio won’t route directly to Glass anymore unless it’s active.

The Photo and Video backup changes are useful too, allowing Glass owners to now have the ability to backup images or videos using either their cell phone’s network connection, or whenever they’re connected to a wifi hotspot or home wifi connection. Since you used to only be able to back stuff up when connected to Wifi and when Glass was plugged in, you were pretty limited to when you could proactively save your photos and videos. Now Glass owners can do it on the go, which could prevent them from unwanted media loss if they ran out of storage space. Last but not least is the feature to clear media(images and video) from your timeline, by entering into the Auto Backup card then swiping forward to clear some space up for more items later on when needed. No more manual deletions, which works pretty well when paired with the forced backup feature via cell networks. If you’re a Glass Explorer what’s your favorite part about this most recent update?