Samsung Giving Galaxy S5 Owners Over $600 in Premium Subscriptions

March 10, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich


When you buy the latest flagship from a company like Samsung you expect some pretty big things.  While many people buy a flagship phone for its features or the upgrades over the past year’s model, Samsung is hoping you’ll be interesting in all the extra goodies they are packing in for free as well.  While Samsung has traditionally given away things like 25GB of free Dropbox storage space for 2 years or some other promotions, they are going all out with the Galaxy S5 and offering well over $600 worth of premium subscriptions for free to all Galaxy S5 owners.  Continuing the trend of giving you lots of cloud storage, Samsung has partnered with not one but three different cloud storage companies; Box, Dropbox and Bitcasa.  Dropbox is probably the biggest deal here, with 2 years of 50GB of storage, easily a $100 value on itself.  There’s also 3-12 months of Evernote pro depending on your country so you can get all the features of Evernote without the hefty price tag; at least for a while that is.  Galaxy S5 owners looking for some news will be happy to know that 6 months of the Wall Street Journal is included with your new phone, and you’ll enjoy Bloomberg Buisinessweek+ for one full year too.

Health nuts will be happy to know that Samsung is taking health monitoring very seriously, if that built-in heart-rate sensor wasn’t enough of a telltale sign of course.  Runners will be pleased to know that they’ll receive 1 full year of RunKeeper service with their new Galaxy S5, and don’t forget to find new training routes with that 6 months of included MapMyFitness app too.  Skimble’s 6 month weight loss programs can help you get fit, and Lark’s 1 year will try and help you sleep better too.  If you were just looking for some free dough you’ll be pleased to know that $50 of PayPal merchants vouchers are included, and Blurb Checkout is offering a $5 coupon for your first Blurb-powered purchase.  There’s also a number of other apps like Cut the Rope 2 with $10 of in-game credits, and Flick Dat will give you easy transfer of photos and files via the included app (worth $2).  Overall Samsung is packing in the value with the Galaxy S5, and hopefully that bigger battery keeps your fitness-loving, news-reading, video-uploading self going for a while longer than previous Galaxy S models too.  Check out the source link below for all the details on Samsung’s promotions for the Galaxy S5.