Gaming On Android Grows and Take A Huge Slice Of The App Pie

March 20, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

With so many different options for games now a days it can be hard to pin down how you actually want to engage with them. The newest generations of console gaming systems came out towards the end of 2013, and mobile gaming is just as strong as ever. In fact, mobile gaming, as we’ve said before, is fast closing the gap between itself and consoles/PC gaming. Part of this is due to how mobile people are in this day and age. We live in a completely mobile world, and as things like wearables help to usher us into the new age of tech, games are becoming more and more popular on platforms like Android because of how powerful devices are becoming, and how much more mobile we’ll be able to become. Games on Android are getting better and better every day with impressive AAA titles from big name game studios. With the issue of quality pretty much taken care of, people don’t have any reason to avoid games on their phones anymore. They can provide just as good of an experience as online and offline PC and console games if not better sometimes.

Just take a look at some of the most recent games to hit Android that provide an amazing gaming experience. Mines of Mars is a phenomenal game. Games like Deus Ex The Fall have made their way over to Android for a premium gaming experience. Even mobile casino games are gaining in popularity on a massive scale and inching closer to the types of experiences people have with their online web browser counterparts. Mobile casino games if anything might be some of the most addicting games out there. Heck, they’re focused around one of most popular types of gaming that has been around for quite a long time. Gambling. People love to gamble. Whether it’s for fun or for a little bit of high stakes pay out, no matter how you stack it up people love the rush of gambling. With gaming having gone mobile so much over just the last year alone, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that mobile casino games would be a big hit. If you go to Play Store and check out the casino subcategory, there are 500 mobile casino games in the Top Free section alone. There are close to 100 mobile casino games in the Top Paid category. This doesn’t even include the mobile casino games that aren’t in the list of top games. The top grossing mobile casino game has 10 million plus downloads. This just goes to show people love to play mobile games and a big percentage of those love to gamble and play mobile casino games. Some offer the chance to win money, other just offer up a good slice of fun. As we continue to become more and more mobile from day-to-day, mobile gaming will only get more popular.