Featured: Top 10 Best Android Cigar Lover Apps

March 20, 2014 - Written By Cory McNutt

If you are a cigar smoker then you know the pleasures of a good cigar – they have a certain feel to them, a great smell before you light it, and a nice, slow burning ember that will just hang on until you decide to tap off the excess ash. A good cigar should be mild and not bite your tongue and the smell of a good cigar while lit, will bring accolades of how good it smells – and should you ever be able to get a true Cuban cigar – you will certainly be as close to heaven-on-earth as one can possibly be. Oh my, I think I needed a cigarette!

We gathered a few cigar Apps for you to take a look at – many cigar Apps are new and have no reviews, so I by-passed those…it does not mean they are bad, simply not ‘tested’ so to speak. Some of the other Apps had basically good reviews, with a few one-star ratings about compatibility – but many of those Apps already received an update AFTER the few complaints. Believe it or not, there are cigar “games,” virtual cigars for those trying to stop smoking, many that allow you to keep track of cigars that you purchased, along with your ratings, and there are many local shops whose App allows you to search and buy from them.  So take a look and try some of these Apps out and on our Google+ Page let us know if there are any that you prefer – as always, we love to hear from our readers.


Cigar Smuggler

Cigar Smuggler Collage

Cigar Smuggler – starts us off with a game about the ‘thrill’ of smuggling cigars in Florida’s black market…not that anybody at Android Headlines would ever condone this type of behavior for real, but pretending can be fun.  There are five exotic South Florida locations and sixty different types of cigars to buy and sell.  Many new features are planned for an updated version and there is a link to the developer’s website.


V Cigar

V Cigar Collage

V Cigar is the virtual cigar – light it up with a tap on the screen and smoke away.  You can change the bands on the cigar to celebrate a new baby or an upcoming wedding.  You can actually ‘smoke’ in the hospital waiting room if you want and nobody can say a word!  Is the doctor forcing you to quit smoking…you can still have glass of brandy (come on, we have to live a little) and ‘cigar’ in the evening.  Use V Cigar just to have a little fun with the guys or at the bar and watch the cherry burn and your ash get longer and then tap your phone to drop those ashes.


The Cigar Station

The Cigar Station Collage

The Cigar Station – is an unusual App in that it lets you add “Cool Tunes” while you smoke – music actually dedicated to cigar smoking.  It is the world’s first (and possibly only) 24/7 music station dedicated to cigar smokers and lovers of the good life.  Enjoy a blend of tunes from Van Morrison, Phil Collins, Steely Dan, Sade, Sting, Tony Bennett and more.  The commercials give informative information about Cigar news, reviews, and smoke break interviews with celebrities and cigar industry personalities!


CRA – Cigar Rights of America

CRA - Cigar Rights of America Collag

CRA – did you know there was a group that calls themselves the Cigar Rights of America (CRA)…me neither!  They work like the AARP, only instead of protecting and advocating the rights of seniors, they fight for the cigar lovers at the local, state, and federal government levels.  They look at – Opposing Restrictive Smoking Bans, Oppose Taxation of Cigars, watch the Government Regulation of Cigars, and Policy Measures Relation to Cigars.  This App will keep you up-to-date on what is going on in the cigar world.

GRAB IT HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY!CRA - Cigar Rights of America


The Cigar Lounger Magazine

The Cigar Lounger Magazine Collage

The Cigar Lounger Magazine – is nothing more than an online magazine for passionate cigar lovers and produced by real cigar enthusiasts.  A fully interactive magazine is both entertaining and informative.  The high-definition pictures are beautiful and the App is totally free.

GRAB IT HERE ON GOOGLE PLAY!The Cigar Lounger Magazine



RateMyCigar Collage

RateMyCigar – will cost you a full $1.00 and is a simple electronic cigar dossier to help you keep track of your cigars…create a profile for each cigar and enter your comments, ratings, a photo, and any other information.  Mark the cigars in your humidor and randomly select a cigar to enjoy.


My Humidor

My Humidor Collage

My Humidor – is another electronic humidor that helps you keep track of all of your cigars…what you have smoked and what is in your humidor.  It keeps track of how long your cigars have aged, lets you keep notes on and rate all of your cigars.  You can add a picture if you would like and even share what you are currently smoking with friends.


 Cigar Geek

Cigar Geeks Collage

Cigar Geeks – will cost you $3.99 and is an application for the true cigar enthusiast and someone who wants to further their cigar hobby.  It has a searchable database of over 33,000 cigars and over 17,000 reviews and can be updated with the latest cigars and reviews from the Cigar Geek’s website.  You can go to the ‘community’ and submit your own reviews – a free website logon must be created for access.


 Cigar Deals

Cigar Deals Collage

Cigar Deals – is the official App of the world’s number one cigar retailer, Cigars International.  With this App you can get real-time deals on the world’s finest handmade and premium cigars from the “nation’s biggest humidor.”  They store over 80 million premium cigars with great deals that nobody can top.  There are product reviews to help make your selection easier as well as all the accessories a cigar enthusiast could want – humidors, cutters, lighters, and much more.


 Cigar Dojo

Cigar Dojo Collage

CigarDojo – is the world’s first social cigar App that allows cigar lovers to unite and talk cigars, and that’s what is most fun about smoking a great cigar – sitting around with another cigar lover (and a drink doesn’t hurt) and relaxing away the time.  With this App you can share your thoughts and images of what cigar you are currently smoking.  This social application will allow you to publish to Twitter and Facebook at the same time from within your CigarDojo App.  You can find your nearest cigar event, cigar shop, or cigar lounge.