OUYA Updates Console To Jackalope, Brings In New Rating System For Games

February 4, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you own an OUYA console and just so happened to power it on today, you may have noticed the the first official update of the year is rushing through the airwaves to users as of this moment. The Jackalope update, as it’s titled, is rolling out to consumers and adds some new stuff while making some minor changes to already existing console features. First, the rating system. Once the Jackalope update is installed on your console, you’ll be able to rate any game, which in time will help users find the best and most enjoyable games to play, and this goes for you as well as other will be rating games, helping you personally find the best ones to play on your own console. The rating system is set up with a 5 star tier, so rating one star means you probably hated it, and 5 stars means you’d take it out to a 5 star restaurant if it were your date.

Other new notable features include the ability to postpone system updates, although this is only available once you have Jackalope installed. you will have to update to Jackalope before you’re allowed to continue playing. Thankfully OUYA was good about listening to customer feedback and provided this change for updates in the future, so you can do the update later when you aren’t able to play, instead of immediately when you have time to throw down. Postponing a system update to the console though, will prohibit you from updating your games if there are any available. So you’ll have to pick one or the other. You also won’t be able to browse through the “Discover” menu of game titles.

There are more minor changes and additions to the system which you can check out at the OUYA blog, but more importantly there were some fixes added into this update as well. There was a bug that was causing the “Downloads” folder in the storage menu not to show up for some users. OUYA quickly patched this bug in the Jackalope update so you shouldn’t experience this issue any more. All in all the tweaks and new features are welcomed and make the OUYA experience a better one. It looks like it’s time to turn on the OUYA and give it some love.http://youtu.be/pTcgrYL7zd4

Source: Android Police