Featured Review: Griffin Vehicle Dock for the Moto X

February 11, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Griffin has a couple of nice docks for the Moto X. Today, we’re taking a look at the Vehicle dock for the Moto X. It’s a really nice looking dock for your Moto X, and it works with Touchless Control which is a pretty good feature to have. The vehicle dock can mount on a window or dash. Although I only mounted it on the windshield. When you set your Moto X into the car dock, it’ll automatically put your phone into car mode, which allows you to have totally touch-free use while driving. Griffin is touting the fact that you can use Touchless Controls while it’s docked, which you can see in the gallery down below.

I used the Griffin Car Dock in the car, obviously, so the pictures may not be the best looking. But it did work pretty well. I was able to use the dock with the touchless controls and tell my Moto X to navigate to various places, and of course it worked quite well, as expected. While Driving, my Moto X was pretty secure, it never fell out of the dock at all, which was pretty nice. There is also a microUSB port on the back so you can plug it into a car charger. On the sides of the dock that hold in the phone, there are rubber pieces that help hold it in place securely. The suction cup on the Moto X Car Dock is very strong, it’s almost impossible for it to fall over, unless you’re careless about how you place it on a surface. Even putting it on my desk made it very hard to take it off of the desk. The build quality is actually pretty good. I think it’s built very well, and definitely more of a premium device.

The Moto X Car Dock from Griffin Technology is available for $40 from Griffin and Amazon right now. It’s worth the money if you’re looking for a nice car dock for your Moto X. If you don’t care about a car dock for your Moto X, then you’re going to want to skip this one, obviously.