AT&T Announces New Family Plan Giving you 4 Lines and 10GB of Data for $160

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It looks like AT&T is working this Saturday afternoon, as they just announced their new “Best Ever Prices” Family plans. Which the prices are pretty nice, especially compared to their current offerings and even their competitor (Verizon)’s offerings. However, this only applies to those that enroll in AT&T’s Next program or bring over their own phone. It may be a bit confusing, but we’re going to try and dissect it and explain it the best we can.

Basically the pricing is $130 for 2 lines, $145 for 3 lines, $160 for 4 lines and $175 for five lines. This includes unlimited talk and text for all lines and 10GB of data for all lines. Now that’s now 10GB of data each, its just one pool of 10GB of data. Like their current plans. You can also add additional lines for just $15/month. AT&T seems to really be pushing their 4-line plan here which is 10GB of data for four lines for only $160. Which doesn’t look like a bad price, especially since that same plan would cost you $260 over at Verizon. But you must remember that you have to either bring your own phones or sign up for AT&T Next which adds on to that amount.

Basically, they are charging you $100 a month for the 10GB of data, plus $15 per device. Then if you’re an individual and only want one line, it’ll be $25 for the phone, + $100 for the 10GB of data. Normally, AT&T is charging $40 for the line, then more for the data depending on the data plan you choose.

So why is AT&T doing this? Well, we’ve seen T-Mobile get rid of subsidies lately, which is why their plans look so cheap right now. On T-Mobile you can get unlimited everything for just $70/month. But that’s before you factor in the pricing of your phone which could be up to another $20/month. Unless you buy your phone out right. Even so, it’s much cheaper than the competitors, but the only downside is the network. While their speeds are great in some areas, in many others they are not. So it’s great to see AT&T pulling the subsidies out of their plans, although I’d be more excited to see them bring back unlimited data, but I have a feeling that won’t happen. We may see the same from Sprint and Verizon rather soon.

While this does make it a bit more confusing, it’s really the same price as what you’re probably paying now or at a competitor, especially if you enroll in AT&T Next. Although with AT&T Next you can upgrade every year. If you have questions, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we’ll try out best to answer them.

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  • utalkshit

    Your English is poor and so is your knowledge. T-Mobile have a 4 phone plan for $100 with unlimited data, way better than AT&T as is their service.

    • Jjaassoonn Kkeennjjii

      That not unlimited minutes. And it’s unlimited data only on tmobile s towers. If your roaming your out of luck. T mobile greatly depends on where you live and use your phone. So you have to keep your land line around for calling and if you travel you may loose data when you most need it

      • Dark enV

        The 4 phone plan for $100 is unlimited talk and text and 500gb of high speed data and speeds are throttled after that. I have T-Mobile and yes it will depend on where you live when it comes to coverage, Mine’s pretty great where I’m at. But needing a land line isn’t really true because most android and windows devices on T-Mobile are capable of wifi calling which also allows free calls out of the country as well.

  • John Doe

    I have a corporate discount and signed up 3 lines with BYOD today with instructions that the discount could still be applied. After “activating” the discount I was told that 10GB+ plans do not qualify for a discount and to take advantage of the discount I would need to change to a “less than 10GB” plan. I was also told that instead of the $15 dollar credit, starting tomorrow the credit would be $25 per line when you BYOD.

    • Responder to John Doe

      I just received different info..they will still apply my discount to the data portion of the bill($100) and it would be $15 per phone. Any data plan under 10gb gets you the $25 per line deal which has been in place for about a month or so(BYOD or next plan)

  • John doe

    That’s is nowhere near enough data, are they kidding?

  • Edac2

    If you opted for T-Mobile’s 500GB plan it’s only $50 a month; their 2.5GB plan is $60 a month. On paper the AT&T plan sounds better: $160 for a family of four with 10GB vs $240 for four separate 2.5GB plans with T-Mobile (they have no family plan). A big difference is that T-Mobile has unlimited data, including 2.5GB high-speed data (if you go over they just slow down your data; AT&T charges $15 for each extra 1GB of data if you go over your allotment). But, as you said, T-Mobile reception sucks. And both companies charge taxes and fees on their plans, contract or no. There is a better way as David Pogue has pointed out, and it’s from a division of AT&T: AIO Wireless. Their AIO Smart Plan is $55 a month and includes 2GB of high-speed data with NO TAXES OR FEES. I switched from T-Mobile to AIO as soon as I found out about them and I haven’t looked back (or gone over my high-speed data allotment). Time will tell if this will remain true after AT&T finishes migrating AIO customers into Cricket.

    • Dark enV

      T-Mobile does have a family plan, I would know because I’m on one. I’m on a plan with 5 phones each with fully unlimited data, talk, text, 2.5gb mobile hotspot and HD voice, and if you have a certain phone you also get wifi calling. The cost for the plan I’m on is $210 total, though each of us pays about $18 for our phones. But our overall bill has been $300 total including taxes. But for 4 phones with 2.5GB each the plan cost would be $140 then the cost for the phones if you decide to pay them off monthly unless you bring your own. Where I live T-Mobile is pretty awesome, I get average download speeds of 28mbps with my highest being 47.3mbps on the download, I’m a heavy data user so the unlimited plan is perfect for me, last month I used 15gb. But in the end AT&T has the better overall coverage for sure but I’m loving T-Mobile. If AT&T were to bring back unlimited data then I might be interested in them but for now I’m a T-Mobile fan.

      • Dark enV

        If it’s been a while (say a year) since you were with T-Mobile I’d honestly recommend trying them out for a month with your current phone as long as it’s LTE capable since there is no contract. I have some friends in NY and they’ve told me they’ve gotten even faster speeds than I get. Out in Dallas T-Mobile launched their Wideband LTE and I’ve seen speed tests show over 100mbps. Granted though it wouldn’t be that good everywhere in NY but it may not hurt to try them out

  • gs5cominup

    I run 7 wireless stores and I can tell you, this plan is amazing for At&t to offer. With the best service in the nation and the most reliable network, I would be running into stores to get one set up!!

  • Dark enV

    Let’s break this down. For $175 you get 10GB to share with 5 people, then you have to add the cost of a phone because to do this you have to either sign up for AT&T Next or bring your own phone. If you go on the 18 month Next plan and you get the iPhone 5S for each line, that’s $25 per phone, so that becomes $300 for the total plan before taxes with each person basically getting 2GB each with unlimited talk and text. With T-Mobile’s family plan each person can get the 2.5GB plan with unlimited talk and text and if you got 5 iPhone 5S phones for $25 each you’d pay $285 before taxes. If you do this with 4 lines, it’d be $260 for AT&T (which is the same price as Verizon for 4 lines and 10GB and also the same as the AT&T mobile plan with 4 lines and 10GB) and $240 with T-Mobile. Overall yes T-Mobile is cheaper but for some people the coverage T-Mobile has just isn’t that good, I’m with T-Mobile with 4 other people and we all have unlimited data and our bill is $300 and it’s about to go down since we’re about to pay 2 of our phones off, but T-Mobile’s coverage is pretty great for us and their LTE is incredibly fast and getting faster. For others this deal could be attractive if you bring your own phone. If you have just 2 lines and say you bought a Nexus 5 for $350 and a Moto X for $329.99 (until 2/14) off contract then you’re bill would be $130 before taxes and you get 5GB each with unlimited talk and text. That’s not too bad of a deal but at the same time that’s before tax so that could turn out to be over $140, for that you could have two lines on AIO, which uses the exact same network, with 7GB each for that price ($70 for each line with 7GB with unlimited talk and text and that $70 includes taxes). But if you were to get 5 people on this plan with the phones paid off you’re looking at just $175 before taxes, that’s not too bad of a deal but if T-Mobile has good coverage where you live I’d give them a try first since they have the 2.5GB plan for 5 lines at $160, that’s $15 cheaper and slightly more data as well as no overages, and if the experience isn’t good then I’d try this plan out since both aren’t contracted.