Sprint Wants To Transform The Negative Stigma Of Carrier Bloat Into A Positive One With Sprint Live

January 15, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

We’ve all been there at one point or another. That moment where you’re fumbling around with a new phone and instead of enjoying the brand new piece of hardware or customizing everything to your liking, you’re scratching your head in disbelief and cursing your carrier for putting useless apps on your phone that seem to only bog it down and take up space. While some don’t mind or otherwise enjoy the carrier apps that come pre-loaded onto new phones, most hate it and honestly we have to agree that their kind of pointless. Whatever your own personal feelings on the matter, the overall stigma of carrier branded apps or “bloatware” as they’re more commonly known, is negative. Sprint wants to change the outlook on bloatware, by introducing their new service called Sprint Live. Sprint Live is to replace Sprint ID which is what the carrier currently uses on phones, and they promise it will be an overall better and more engaging form of the bloatware.

Sprint Live is a service that is powered by Chinese company NQ mobile, and it’s goal is to provide the user with a seamless and always on experience, that replaces the normal home screen wallpaper and keeps you up to date and informed with all kinds of content that is specialized for you, ranging from information about brands, to specific news that you’re interested in. While it sounds like tailored content is a better option than what most carriers use now since you’ll at least have an interest in what shows up, bloat is still bloat. The option to have the service installed on the phone should be just that, an option. While you can most likely turn the service off, (this can’t be confirmed at the time as there are no phones currently being offered by Sprint that use the service) it would still reside on your phone and thus take up memory. From a personal experience, bloat doesn’t always take up the least amount of memory either. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited about Sprint’s decision to use this service, and if it is something you would consider using yourself. You can find out more information on NQmobile by hitting the link.