Motorola has Plans in Place Up To 2015, New Moto X and 6-inch Phablet Reportedly in the Works

| January 31, 2014 | 4 Replies

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With the news that Motorola is now part of Lenovo, it’s not surprising that discussions surrounding their next line of products are happening. In fact, it seems that Motorola has plans in place up tot 2015, including some interesting products that might help diversify their line even further. According to industry insiders, Motorola’s 2014 lineup is already finalized, with 2015 looking to be fairly complete, too. With this comes word that Lenovo is unlikely to change anything, at least not for the foreseeable future. When it comes to big industry acquisitions like these, it takes time for things to be fully complete, and there’s no telling how it might take for Lenovo to finally take the reigns of Motorola fully.

Among the rumored products to be already in the pipeline is not only the successor to the Moto X, but a 6-inch phablet device. Of course, there’s also the rumored smartwatch still in the works as well, but that’s hardly surprising at this point, as it seems like everyone is looking to sell a smartwatch. With Lenovo looking to “surpass Apple”, we’re surprised to hear that Lenovo won’t be changing too many things. Of course, everything needs to settle down and a transition to take place before anything big can happen. However, with Motorola posting operating loss, after operating loss we’d have thought that Lenovo would be far more hands-on with their new division.

One of the main areas in which Motorola will need to improve upon under Lenovo is in marketing. It’s no secret that Samsung have been catapulted to the top of the ladder thanks to brilliant marketing, which has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. Lenovo will need to put their money where their mouth is if they hope to create a successful Motorola and marketing will likely be the key factor in turning their fortunes around. We’re pretty confident that Motorola can become not only profitable, but successful under Lenovo’s wing. What do you think? Will the acquisition take longer than we think to take effect or will it mean business as usual at Motorola for the unforeseeable future?

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  • 0ThomasPaine0

    The thing I’m worried about is support, hardware, software, and updates. Motorola was on the good way with Google and the Moto X proved to be the best real world use Android phone on the market because of its optimized hardware/software (just like Apple does with the iPhone). I fear this will be lost under Lenovo’s management and all the progress Google financed for them, will be lost.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Lenovo didn’t pay over 3 billion just to have a dying company wither away when they want to break into the US market. The CEO already mentioned the Moto production will stay in the US but they will integrate their ideas of improvement. Which the Moto X could use is updated specs with optimization.

  • No Name

    “motorola a chinese company”. Disgusting!

  • abc123n10

    I think Motorola should have the Moto X as their high end smartphone and a high end phablet called the Moto XL. Then they should have the Moto G and a low cost phablet the Moto GL (L for large).