Microsoft Brings Bing Rewards to Android and iOS FIRST – Windows Phone Version “Coming Soon”

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Bing Rewards

Okay, where do we start on this one? How would you feel if you owned a Microsoft Windows Phone and Microsoft developed a program for iOS and Android devices BEFORE their own platform – if that doesn’t that show how much faith and respect they have for their own product and customers, then I don’t know what does! However, this is truly the case when it comes to Microsoft’s new Bing Rewards Program – they are offering it up to iOS and Android now, and their website says: “Available on iOS and Android devices starting today and coming soon to Windows Phone devices.”

Always trying to “Scroogle” us Google searchers into using Microsoft’s Bing search engine, they started offer “credits” in September 2010 when you search on Bing and then you can eventually redeem those credits for goods or services, such as Fangdango, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, Amazon, etc., or you can donate them to local schools or charities. Up until now, the searches only counted if you were on a PC, but with this upgrade, now you can earn rewards when you use your mobile device. Microsofts explains:

Bing Rewards was designed to help you discover ways Bing can help you do the things that are most important to you. It allows us to recognize and appreciate our most consistent, loyal users with additional perks as a way of saying thanks for choosing Bing.

To get started you must visit,, on your Android or iOS smartphone (no Windows Phones, please) and sign-up for the Bing Rewards.  Beside the standard rewards, there will be exclusive mobile-only offers to try to encourage and increase mobile usage.  Tracking your credits is simple on your smartphone by simply going to your Bings Rewards dashboard and your credit balance is easily visible.

For the time being, in order to redeem your credits you must use the computer, however, Alex Danskin, Senior Marketing Manager, Bing Rewards, claims that very soon additional features will be added to the mobile version and you will be able to do everything on your smartphone or tablet, including redeeming points, as well as using the digital gift cards and coupons. I still do not understand Microsoft’s logic – would it have killed them to just delay the launch until their own Windows Phone could be supported as well – then do a full-blown, all format, release.

Please lets us know on our Google+ Page if you Google or Bing for your search engine and if you already take advantage of Bing Rewards on your PC.

Bing Rewards Rewards

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  • mediasansnom

    All you guys do is bitch about Microsoft and Apple. Can’t you just concentrate on your Android news? Are they too boring for you? It makes perfect sense to launch Bing Rewards on rival platforms first. What impact would it have on people already fans of and using Windows Phone? Second to none. But this way, people using other platforms could potentially be drawn to Bing. Also, you are bitching about what Microsoft offers with these rewards, including donations to charity, which is just ugly of you, while Google doesn’t offer something similar. It’s not a huge deal, but why always rant about what other platforms do instead of ignoring it or look at the positive? No wonder Apple fanboys are considered the cool ones, you Android people are just frustrated, jealous jerks. And you call this journalism. Bunch of old hags whinning. You must be so inteligent to write crap like this.