Google Updates Chrome Browser To Version 32 With Awesome New Features; Audio Tab Indicators, Improved Malware Blocking & More

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Chrome is still one of the fastest browsers out there, and its fantastic minimal design has made it a favorite among the people for quite some time. Regular updates usually introduce much needed new features, and tend to come along with some security fixes and bug fixes too. Chrome version 32 is no different, and the latest update to the browser is now live and available for PC, Mac, and Linux, which can be download here. While some may already be using the newest iteration of the browser and not even know it, (this is probably due to the fact that Chrome now uses the silent updater to update to the newest versions upon release) most are probably aware if their browser has been updated. The easiest way to tell, if you’re unsure, is with one of the new features that Google added in to the latest Browser update.

The indicator of which tab is producing sound is now a live feature for those whose browsers have updated, and if you have any open tabs playing music or videos, just check the tabs for a little speaker icon. This indicates that that tab in particular is the one that is playing sound, which helps you quickly identify and locate which tab is producing audio in case you need to mute it or something else. This will easily tell you if you are on the latest version of Chrome. In addition the “noisy tab indicator”, Google has added better malware blocking to the browser so Chrome is even better at keeping malicious software from harming your computer, no matter what your normal browsing activities may be.

Google has introduced some other new features to the browsing experience as well, like supervised users. This particular feature is in a beta preview stage and while not the most exciting, it’s aimed at helping users provide some guidance for family members or others who may be using your computer while they browse. Creating a supervised user, will then allow you to go to visit a specific webpage ( to manage site restrictions for them as well as review their browsing history. This could come in handy if you have someone who will be using the computer that may need a little supervision. Another great feature that has been added into this new release of Chrome is the idications of which tabs are using the webcam as well as casting to the tv. These are more in line with the audio indicators placed on the end of the tabs to show which ones are playing sound, and they can also be very useful if you usually have multiple tabs open.

Lastly, a new design for Chrome in Windows 8 mode essentially gives you a Chrome OS like experience, allowing you to access and launch different Chrome apps from an app launcher that is integrated into the bottom left corner of the screen. The newest update to Chrome has added in some nice new features, (you can check the full changelog here at the chrome releases blog) has anyone gotten this update yet? I noticed mine had updated a few days ago but wasn’t aware of it until today. Let us know what you think about the new Chrome browser update in the comments.

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  • Stephen Richard Underwood

    Sadly, the update to v32 has caused havoc with those of us using high resolution screens. The switch to Win8 mode is disabled if you use 1920×1080 and/or have screen scaling switched on for high resolution screens. Many people have wasted a lot of time wrestling with this “bug”.