Google Tells Samsung to stop Producing Storage-Clogging Apps, And to Move Closer to a “Pure” Android Experience

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This is actually some pretty surprising news, if it is indeed true. According to Re/Code, it appears that Google met with Samsung recently and basically told them to stop producing so many storage-clogging, battery draining apps on their future devices. Samsung is said to be producing smartphones that run something closer to the “pure” Android that Google is offering on their Nexus devices and Google Play Edition devices (also the Moto X and Moto G).

Why is this surprising? Well you may have noticed that Samsung has basically been recreating all the Google apps on their devices lately. And Touchwiz is about as far from “pure” Android as you can get. Although Samsung is reportedly doing a huge overhaul of Touchwiz, but I didn’t really expect it to be close to the “Pure” Android which Google offers. Not that I’m complaining about that though. It’s a great thing for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason is faster updates.

Re/Code is also reporting that Google is looking to take more control over Android as more and more no-name Chinese vendors are using Android on their smartphones, but they aren’t using key Google services like Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Re/Code is also saying that sources are stating “not only will Samsung consider dumping or altering the Magazine UX interface in future devices, but, more importantly, new Samsung devices will spotlight Google’s suite of apps to get movies, music and other content at the expense of its in-house developed software, which was once a proud showcase of Samsung’s evolution as a mobile industry leader.”

Like I stated above, I’m pretty surprise to see this from Samsung. But if the reasoning behind Google doing this is correct, I can understand why Samsung would agree to Google’s terms. As they are one of their biggest partners, and they make a lot more money off of Android than Windows/Windows Phone or Tizen at the moment. This may further cement the fact that they are not dumping Android for Tizen.

Via: BGR; Source: Re/Code

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  • Jeremiah N

    About freaking time.

    • Jason

      Could not agree more.

  • Alexander Maxham

    This explains why we saw the white icons (Kitkat style) in the Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablets at CES.

    • Gsuz barrientos

      This happened after CES

  • Brian Klippel

    It probably went something like this.. “Dear Samsung, you either get a Google Services license or your lame Samsung Hub et al. on the Galaxy 5. Your choice. Love, Larry.”

  • Kingfisher

    You have to think that there is a connection between Samsung’s dropping its own flavor of Android and Google’s selling Motorola.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I soon as I saw ” if indeed it’s true I STOPPED READING knowing full well conjecture would be far to much in this article. Everyone knows android headlines are stock android fanboys and love to throw dirt on Samsung every chance they get the are just as bad as Droid-Life

    • squiddy20

      This coming from the idiot who read all the S4 and Note 3 speculation articles (before they were announced of course), and claimed every single one of them were true. This coming from the idiot who claims to know the screen specs of the S5, even though absolutely no concrete details of the device are known. What a hypocrite.
      Also, every tech/Android website that I’ve seen (which is at least 6) has published an article on this very same topic. By your pathetic logic, I guess they all “love to throw dirt on Samsung” too? What a joke.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Poor guy who never buys anything new squiddy20 is so old news it’s pitiful. Get a job and get out from your mom’s basement. Galaxy Nexus stucks on Sprint

        • squiddy20

          Poor idiot who thinks you need to “buy something” in order to “stay relevant”, or know what one is talking about.
          Also, poor idiot who has been using the same sorry, completely unfounded insult about how I live in my “mother’s cold dark basement” (how original…) for several years now. Seriously, 8 year olds could come up with better, more varied insults. The fact that you resort to ridiculous, childish insults instead of even attempting to dispute any of what I said speaks volumes of your stupidity. Case in point: you couldn’t even use the correct word in that last sentence. God how you make me laugh.

        • Josh Hirner

          you should skip a generation in your galaxy love fest and fix your teeth bro … and maybe get a hobby outside of giving your note googley eyes … you’re 48, take a girl, or a guy (no judging!), out on a date or something … #goodluckwiththat

    • Alexander Maxham

      If we were stock Android fanboys, then why do only about 3 of us have a Stock Android device? While the rest have a Galaxy Note 3?

      • squiddy20

        Don’t take it personally. He’s a totally hypocritical Samsung fanboy troll. If just the article title is somewhat against Samsung, he goes on a rant about how it’s “hogwash”, “useless”, somehow or another untrue, or some other childish bickering. You should see some of his latest posts over at Android Central about Motorola, Lenovo, or the Moto X, a device he claims he won’t touch “with a 10 foot pole” but knows how “crappy” it is. androidcentral dot com/users/richardyarrell

  • H.R. Pierson

    I see more than a passing co-incidence that Smasung agrees to hew more closely to Google’s Android experience. In spite of Samsung’s Million dollar investment in Samsung’s “Own Software ” Suites.
    But then hours, or days later, out of the Blue, ( drum roll please ) Google sells Motorola. AND for 10 BEEELLION US Dollars LESS!!! Seriously?????!!!!!
    We really don’t like co-incidences.
    Then again. …….

    • Alexander Maxham

      It really wasn’t 10 billion less, if you do the math. They sold off the set-top box business last year, for a few million, they also got to keep a ton of those patents, which are worth a whole lot.