Featured Review: NewTrent PowerPak Ultra 14000mAh External Battery Pack

January 30, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

If there’s one thing we always complain about as Smartphone users, it’s the battery life of our phone. This is where manufacturers like Anker, and New Trent have started to pick up steam. By making these huge external battery packs that you can use for just about any device. We’ve seen some pretty big ones, I just reviewed the Dark Energy Reservoir 8,000mAh battery (which was about twice as much as this one), and now we’re taking a look at the 14,000mAh New Trent PowerPak Ultra. This one is currently available in two colors, orange and black. Obviously I have the orange one here.

As expected, you do get a micro USB cable in the box, but there is no wall charger. Which shouldn’t be an issue, as you probably have a few of those laying around the house. It does typically take about 4-6 hours to charge the PowerPak Ultra from empty to full, but it’s kind of expected since it is such a huge battery pack. The PowerPak Ultra does have two USB ports so you are able to charge two devices at the same time. So for instance, I can charge my Nexus 7 (2013) and my Moto X together. It is typically able to charge my Moto X (by itself) about 4 times. And my Nexus 7 (2013) – again by itself – about 2-3 times. So if you are heading out on a camping trip, or even just a road trip, it’s a good idea to bring one of these along for the ride.

Additionally, the PowerPak Ultra is water resistant up to 3 feet of water for up to an hour. So don’t worry if you’re using it near the pool, although you should be worried if your phone or tablet is near a pool. It’s also shockproof, so if you drop it, no damage should occur. I did drop it a couple of times to test it, and it had no damage on the battery pack at all. The dimensions of the battery pack are 143mm x 79mm x 31mm. So it’s pretty hefty, and probably won’t fit in your pocket. It’s also relatively heavy.

The New Trent PowerPak Ultra is on sale now at New Trent’s website as well as Amazon’s website. It’s running for about $70, and I’d say it’s well worth the money. It’s hard to find a battery pack that is shock proof and water resistant as well as having a capacity as high as this one. What are some of your favorite battery packs? Be sure to shout them out in the comments below.