Don’t Let The Moto X Have All The Fun; Snag A Wood Case For Your S4 Courtesy Of Zagg

January 22, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

We know that those slick natural wood backs for the Moto X are just too awesome to pass up, the problem is that many of us don’t actually own a Moto X. Should you let that stop you from getting wood for your totally awesome phone? The answer is no, you shouldn’t. And Neither should we. Thankfully, the good folks over at Zagg have answered the Wood lovers call and are providing smartphone users with natural wood cases for all the world to see. If you pick one of these up, you can show your snazzy new natural wood back to all your Moto X friends, who are probably still waiting for theirs to ship. Take that! Even if you don’t care to use this opportunity to rub your awesome new case in the faces of all the naysayers, you can still make your phone look cool and give it a unique style that you didn’t have to pay much for.

That’s right, i said you wouldn’t have to pay much for it. How much will it cost? Why only $19.99 of course! That undercuts the prices that Motorola is offering for their natural wood backs which set users back a cool $25, although some users ended up paying the full price for those bad boys and had to let go of $99. These natural wood backs from Zagg come in a variety of different styles and can add a cool new element to your device. Samsung has been all about giving its phones a more nature themed design, so now you can hold true to that vision with one of these cases.

The original price of these cases was $49.99, so you’re getting a $30 price cut, and on top of that Zagg is offering free shipping to almost anyone who orders from inside the U.S. Tired of your Moto X toting buddies bragging about the Bamboo backs? Well respond in kind with your own natural wood. If you want to snag one of these, you can hit the link to get to the Zagg site and pick one up before they’re gone.

Source: Droid Life