Android Game Of The Week: Eternity Warriors 3

| January 11, 2014 | 1 Reply

We already previously wrote about this yesterday, and it was released a couple days ago, but Eternity Warriors 3 is just that good that it deserves to be Game of The Week. This third installment in the Eternity Warriors series is action packed with beautiful hack and slash combat, and has three times the dungeons and three times the loot. As the Story goes, the last demon tower in Udar has fallen due to the events in Eternity Warriors 2. The people of Northern Udar would cheer and praise their hero for his brave efforts to bring peace. However, their cheers and peaceful times would be short lived. As it turns out, the last of the great dragons is corrupted by evil and powerful demon magic, and unseals the Eternity Sword, bringing a terrible evil back to the world. This is where the story in Eternity Warriors 3 begins.

In Eternity Warriors 3, you can choose from three brave heroes: A Warrior, a Monk, or a Mage. The Mage is only available once you complete a certain quest line though. In this action rpg from Glu, you can actually live chat with other players, join guilds, compete in tournaments against other heroes and face off guild against guild. The graphics are on par with some of the best available visuals on mobile, which makes all the combat and battles a joyous delight. Each hero has a unique skill set with special skills and abilities for you to develop and evolve. Find quests in town and complete them for XP to level up and get loot. Once you have items equipped, Eternity Warriors 3 has a unique upgrade system set up for items. You can fuse items into ones that you have equipped to level them up and make them stronger, and once the fusion level is capped you can evolve the item to give it better and different stats, improving the quality of the item or weapon. As Action RPG titles go, Eternity Warriors 3 is an unrivaled beast that will be hard to tame, and other games of the genre should aspire to give a similar experience to the gamer. The game is available for free to download, with optional IAP from the Play Store.

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  • Jake p.

    wow this game is a grindfest….Drops are super rare and they really want you to spend lots of money to get anywhere. Too bad this company doesn’t make real games anymore…