T-Mobile Brings $35 Unlimited Talk and Text Pre-Paid Plan Starting Dec.8th

December 6, 2013 - Written By Ray Greer


Earlier this year, T-Mobile acquired Metro PCS. We have yet to see T-Mobile really do anything with the addition until recently. They have started to use the new spectrum to increase data speeds for already existing and new customers. Now, T-Mobile is also adopting some of the original ideas the Metro PCS had, like unlimited talk and text for a flat $35 a month.

Metro PCS started out as a company called General Wireless back in 1994. Their plans consisted of unlimited everything in the form of pre-paid service for a flat rate of $35 a month. However, back when the cool thing to have, was a Nokia flip phone, data wasn’t much of a concern to the majority of cell phone users.

Then when data became a huge make it or break it for a lot of people, Metro adapted and began offering plans that included a set amount of data for a little higher of a flat rate. Metro also added LTE data as an option in 2010, currently, their plans that include data range from $40 a month with 500MB of 4G data, to $60 a month for unlimited 4G data. Then T-Mobile came into the picture, and turned Metro PCS into a virtual operator, giving Metro the ability to use their networks.

Since T-Mobile has merged with Metro, they haven’t really done much, but in one fail swoop, T-Mobile seems to be taking full advantage. That includes the use of Metro towers to improve service and data speeds, and now adopting the original plans Metro offered. According to a Field Sales News Update given to TMonews, we will see some changes in the pre-paid field of T-Mobile.


Starting December 8th, 2013, $35 a month, will get you unlimited talk and text. That is going to be a pre-paid plan, and yes, data seems to be calling in sick on this one. This is what T-Mobile may call, a “bold move”, and you might agree. The plan is a great option for those who text and talk more than they surf or play. There also isn’t a plan price that comes close to that on their roster as of yet. So it may be looked at as a good addition. Though, T-Mobile did reach out to clarify, that this option is coming on December 8th, 2013, but only for a limited time.

The question is, would you be interested in such a cheap pre-paid plan if you must sacrifice data?