T-Mobile Begins Utilizing Spectrum From MetroPCS Merger To Enhance LTE Network

| December 6, 2013 | 8 Replies

T-Mobile has been grossly underrated as of late when it comes to their data speeds and coverage. They aim to change all that though. With everyone approaching LTE and expanding they’re already active LTE networks, according to AllThingsD T-Mobile finally seeks to do something about expanding theirs while using some of the new spectrum they acquired during the merger with MetroPCS. Its a wonder why it took them this long to implement whatever plans they had for it, but suffice it to say it’s a good move on their part and hopefully it’ll allow LTE to reach more and more customers with blazing fast speeds sooner than later.

As a current T-Mobile subscriber, I can tell you that the LTE is all but exemplary in my area, however there are some parts of town where the speeds are pretty quick and I actually get LTE. This new spectrum implementation is a move to offer customers even faster internet speeds on its already fast network, with some people seeing speed increases already. Those who have not noticed any major changes or increases in network speed, should start to see those speed boosts sometime next year. Although it is unclear when next year that is. T-Mobile’s goal though is to take their current subscriber base, and cover 90% of that with improved service and speed of network. No doubt that will take some time but if T-Mobile can pull this off then there will be plenty of happy customers. Myself included.

New network improvements are not all that T-mobile is planning to implement though, Big Magenta plans on offering a data free plan that comes with a $35 price tag, and gives the user unlimited talk and text. For those who want unlimited talk but don’t use data outside of WiFi will love this plan as T-mobiles old $30 pre paid plan was unlimited text and data, but only offered 100 minutes of talk time and was only available through Walmart. These new plans are supposedly launching December 8th, which is only a short couple days away. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly Tmo rolls out its LTE improvements and if it’ll reach a good amount of customers before the end of the year. Any Tmo subscribers who are waiting to get their taste of faster LTE?

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  • Roland Hamid

    Way to go tmo

  • pandasomething

    So since T-mo acquired Metro PCS, the areas that didn’t have Tmo before, would they switch over T-mo then? I’m in WV and don’t have T-mo service but I have a T-mo phone (away at school), I’ve been roaming off AT&T, so would I get T-mo service then? assuming they will start using Metro PCS towers

    • marque2

      The LTE should work for both T and Metro customers.

  • grammarian

    do you proofread before posting?

  • John Springer

    Good grief. This article wouldn’t pass a 9th grade English test.

  • Lee Bosset

    I must say, I found this story technically all but but exemplary (according to the authors understanding of the word).You might want to double check the specifics of T-Mos $30 plan, which I have been on for the past 5 months. I did not sign up through Walmart, and I don’t get unlimited data.

    Perhaps it was the auto correct!

    • sdb

      t’mo had two $30 prepaid plans, call them ‘talk’ and ‘data’. The WalMart plan mentioned in the article with 100 minutes but unlimited text and data is one of them, the ‘data’ one. The other (was available only in t’mo stores”) ‘talk’ plan offered 1500 min/text and 30MB of data. That ‘talk’ plan now seems to have disappeared from the t’mo website, but it was always hard to find so it might still be there somewhere.

      • Lee Bosset

        Um, no. I have 100 mins, unlimited text, and FIVE Gigs of data (as opposed to unlimited). $30. Exemplary!